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  • Integrated Management System Policy
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  • Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policies
  • Integrated Management System Policy
  • Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Certification
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    Integrated Management System Policy


    1. 1. Doosan Škoda Power is totally committed to delivering safe, high quality products and services in the area of conventional and nuclear power engineering that satisfy customer requirements, our applicable legal and other requirements, and those of other stakeholders, whilst preventing pollution, protecting and improving the environment, and permanently reducing the impact of significant negative environmental aspects.
    2. 2. We will also deliver continual improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out our activities, whereby enhancing our competitiveness while identifying, managing, controlling and reducing the business risk. Meeting all of these expectations in a balance appropriate to our business needs, is how we measure business success.
    3. 3. We will achieve this through consistent and systematic application of our Business Management Process, which meets the requirements of the international standards for the best practice in Quality, HSE, information protection, financial management, and business ethics. Through this we will protect and enhance our corporate reputation and that of our customers, whilst maintaining safe and healthy working environment and preventing or minimizing risks to the health and safety of our employees and to others who may be affected by our activities. To improve our Integrated Management System we have introduced an information security system to protect our know-how and our customers’ data.
      Our efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflect our commitment to contribute to sustainable development. In our everyday activities we take into account the needs of our employees, customers, suppliers, public administration, and people living around where our company runs its business, whereby helping to improve the state of society.
    4. 4. We will communicate actively and work together with our employees, customers, shareholders, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders to fully understand their requirements and expectations and to encourage them to activities that would lead to improving our products, services, and our business performance.
      The knowledge, abilities, skills, invention, and loyalty of our employees are our most valuable assets. To this end, we stabilize a high-quality and qualified team of experts, contribute to the development of our employees and their strengths, and encourage systematic education.
    5. 5. All employees have the obligation to take reasonable care of their health and safety as well as of the health and safety of all other people affected by their work. The company will continuously reduce the significant risks of safety at work. Employees are also responsible for implementing such documented working procedures and standards that at the same time protect the environment. Employees also have the obligation and responsibility for initiating steps leading to changing those requirements that are no longer valid or effective.
    6. 6. We develop mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with our suppliers that are in line with the principles and objectives of this Policy and of the Code of Conduct of our company.
    7. 7. The directors and management will ensure that the requirements of this Policy are applied systematically and consistently, while including and respecting the local business needs and legislative requirements in the territories of our business. The strategic objectives and target values of the company are set, implemented, monitored, measured, and reviewed in order to achieve continual improvement.
    8. 8. The directors and management will ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve these aims in a competent manner, while still protecting health, safety and the environment.

    Ing. Jiří Šmondrk
    Chief Executive Officer, March 2016